Rob Nicolucci Discusses the Timeless Home Designs at Belle Aire Shores


We recently introduced you to Rob Nicolucci, the founder of the award-winning home design firm, RN Design. Employing an incredible team of designers, RN Design has a very impressive portfolio of more than 5,000 designs and working drawings, and approximately 15,000 lot gradings in 150 unique communities. Now that the six new model homes at Belle Aire Shores are nearing completion and the spring opening is coming soon, we took the opportunity to chat with Rob to give you a better idea of what to expect when our new Innisfil community is released!

How would you describe the style of the homes at Belle Aire Shores?

I believe that a timeless design is one of the most important factors contributing to the long lasting value of a new home, along with quality construction and the perfect location. Belle Aire Shores has all of the above, and I think people are going to be very excited when they see the traditional and heritage inspired designs.

What did you use as inspiration when designing the exteriors of the new model homes?

Whenever I first hit the drawing board, I look at what people and families have cherished and valued over the last couple decades and then I look at the trends of today in order to create a combination of timelessness and modernity. Families want homes that suit their needs, but they also want the homes to stand out, and that’s what we’re bringing to Innisfil.

What exterior details do you think will really make a strong impact? 

The front and rear windows have been increased in size in order to allow in an abundance of natural light, which will give the living spaces a more open and airy feel. These larger windows will also make the streetscape feel more open and comfortable, creating a more neighbourly vibe throughout the community. I think people will also appreciate the spacious double garages and the intricate stone detailing combined with the quality brickwork.

How will the homes of Belle Aire Shores stand out from others in Innisfil?

The brick and stone elevations with beautiful heritage details will definitely set this community apart. In the end though, I believe that quality makes all the difference. You may not notice it at first when you look at a Belle Aire Shores home, but you’ll know that there’s something different about them when you see them in person, and that difference is the high quality construction and design.

What market are the home designs appealing to?

Belle Aire Shores will offer a variety of home styles that will appeal to a range of consumers, from young families to move-up buyers. The builders are actually seeing a lot of interest in some of the smaller lots, which tells us that there are many younger buyers that are looking to start a family in a larger home in Innisfil.

What’s your favourite thing about the floor plan designs?

Again, I really like how the large windows will let in a lot of natural light. Overall, I simply enjoy the livability of the floor plans. The plans provide privacy when needed and the open social areas are great for family bonding. This perfect balance is key when designing the perfect floor plan and we accomplished it at Belle Aire Shores.

Belle Aire Shores is opening this spring, along with the six model homes. What kind of first impression do you hope they make?

I just know that people are going to love them. They’re the kinds of homes that are inviting and welcoming, yet sophisticated and luxurious. When people first see them, I think they’ll be impressed and enticed to enter and see what else the homes have to offer.