Kelly Harvey Brings a Touch of the UK to Belle Aire Shores

Belle Aire Shores

A few months ago, we introduced you to Kelly Harvey, the creative director of Kelly Harvey Living, a widely known and influential interior designer operating in the GTA. She is the great mind behind the décor of our six new model homes, which will be opening this spring. With construction well under way, we decided to chat with Kelly about what you can expect from the fabulously designed model homes at Belle Aire Shores.

How would you describe the style of your décor choices throughout the six model homes?

Individually, the homes will have a subtle and unique personality. What was most important to me was that the six model homes each be livable, obtainable and inspiring. I sought out to create a new lifestyle for each home, not to make theme parks. I have toured many model homes over the years that had a cottage, French chateau or nautical theme, and to me that is not a natural way of living. I think visitors will be able to picture themselves living in each and every one of the model homes at Belle Aire Shores.

What did you use as inspiration when selecting the furnishings?

Each of the homes has their own lifestyle so that made selecting the furnishing a simple task. As I have my own furniture line, I was also able to draw from familiar pieces that promote the quality the homes are built with.

What are some of the distinctive features and finishes people can expect to see in the model homes?

I would like to leave a little something to the imagination, but I can hint that the finishing colours and material combinations will be unique. A lot of my design is influenced from the UK, so I think that while the colours I use are soothing, the combinations will be new for many of the visitors to see. I should add that each of the homes is very well designed from the floor plan perspective and that is also a distinctive feature in itself.

What interior design trends have you implemented?

I don’t follow trends, I prefer to create them. The take-away from the homes should be to surround yourself with beauty and to put care into enhancing your home so your home can enhance your way of living.

When people first step into the model homes, what do you hope their first impression will be?


Do you have any décor tips for Belle Aire Shores purchasers?

The most important advice I can share is that every room in your house is special, so give each room attention whether your guests will see it or not.

When it comes to selecting interior colours, I suggest thinking of three words to describe your family’s personality and that should be the character of your home. For example, happy, fun and spontaneous could be white cabinets, dark floors and lots of colourful art. A family who describes themselves as loving, homebodies, movie lovers could have warm colour woods, cozy tiles and dark drapery to close out light while watching films.

It can be overwhelming narrowing down the many wonderful options the builder offers. If you give your home its own personality, it makes it easier to make decisions less personal. It also helps to keep a consistent feel throughout the home. The model homes will be an example of that.