Innisfil Beach Park and Waterfront


Innisfil remains a unified community that gathers each season to revel in what the waterfront has to offer. Innisfil’s diversity of residents—including commuters, summer residents and generations of agricultural producers—bask in the countryside views while appreciating the town’s nearby proximity to larger cities without having to live in one. Innisfil’s sense of community and strong interest in retaining and improving its residents’ quality of life has allowed for gradual changes to Innisfil’s available amenities and access to the waterfront, making it a prime location for recreation, activity and year-round family fun. The closest waterfront is only a 2 minute drive from the Belle Aire Shores’ community of 36′, 42′ and 50′ detached homes, making the neighbourhood an ideal haven for growing families and residents of all ages who enjoy what the nearby landscape has to offer.

Innisfil’s beach areas have long been the town’s most prized attractions for residents and visitors spanning generations. With family recreational activities offered all summer and winter long, as well as access to the waterfront, sports fields and children’s camps, it’s no wonder Innisfil Beach Park has become the community’s hub and gathering place for family activity, sport, adventure and recreation.

Innisfil Beach Park is a 5 minute drive away from Belle Aire Shores and offers an impressive variety of community activities and recreation to accommodate all age groups and interests. The park’s access to Lake Simcoe makes it easy for nearby residents and visitors to enjoy swimming, boating and fishing along the stunning, shallow waterfront. A strong network of boaters and fisherman launch into the water every spring and summer to enjoy the lake and open water. Innisfil Beach Park’s park benches and various picnic areas are also ideal for families to delight in after a refreshing swim in the close by, well maintained beach. The residents also continue to present suggestions and plans to further improve the parks, giving them a real voice to contribute and take ownership of the valuable surrounding landscape they take great pride in.

The Town offers various kids’ summer camps which take place daily in Innisfil Beach Park. These camps are all specifically suited to particular age groups and their interests. The sports, discovery and adventure camps offer a variety of activities for children including crafts, basketball, tennis, water games and time spent by the camp fire and along nature trails. There are available day camps that also cater to children aged 6 to 12 who will enjoy playing on some of the baseball diamonds and tennis courts, as well as swimming in the shallow beach. Innisfil Beach Park’s family-friendly annual Summerfest and Winterfest, as well as beautiful (and accessible) 2 km waterfront trail, are great family-friendly comforts that make for fantastic activity and amusement for residents and visitors of all ages.

A mere 12 minute drive away from Belle Aire Shores is Innisfil’s Leonard’s Beach. The beach has recently gone through many improvements requested by the residents to make the area more accessible and functional. Leonard’s Beach has experienced an expansion of the gardens, new impressive landscaping and a boardwalk installation making the beach area another year-round prized community attraction.

Conveniently, Innisfil residents can also use their Parking Pass to park for free at Innisfil Beach Park, 10th Line Beach, Mapleview Drive Park, Big Bay Point Dock (30th Side Road) and streets designated as resident only parking.

With an impressive array of available activities, as well as beautiful nearby coastal landscape, it’s no wonder new home owners chose the Town of Innisfil to enjoy what the waterfront has to offer. The nearby beaches provide the town with a variety of activity and opportunity to spend more time outdoors enjoying many of the town’s programmed, family-friendly activities and beaches. These nearby gathering places are ideal for those living in the Belle Aire Shores community, who now have the opportunity to take part and take pleasure in what Innisfil’s beaches and waterfront have to offer.