Innisfil’s Energy Efficient Initiatives


Innisfil’s Belle Aire Shores community has a lot to offer prospective buyers of all ages and lifestyles. Our new homes resides in the heart of a town that takes enormous pride in its community involvement and initiatives. As one of sixteen municipalities in Simcoe County, Innisfil continues to build on a reputation highly-regarded for its involvement in energy efficient endeavours. Residents and council members create new ways of conserving water and energy while maintaining appropriate balance and planning for the future. Let’s take a closer look at Innisfil’s energy efficient initiatives.

Innisfil recognizes that the town’s water supply is not an endless resource, and that awareness and action are needed to assure water is consumed and conserved appropriately. In 2014, Innisfil created a Water Conservation and Efficiency Strategy to address this concern, preserve Lake Simcoe, and set goals for the future. Innisfil intends to reduce the demand of water by 10% by 2019, a goal that will not only keep more money in residents’ pockets, but also help conserve this valuable resource we tend to take for granted. In order to produce clean drinking water, all towns’ water treatment facilities need to expend a great deal of energy and resources. By using less and conserving more water, Innisfil residents recognize their positive impact on the community and environment around them by essentially reducing their environmental footprint.

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s annual Conservation Awards ceremony also pays tribute to individuals and businesses in Simcoe County strongly progressing with environmental causes. In November 2016, both Innisfil’s InnServices—the town’s water and wastewater utility association—and Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc. were awarded water conservation awards by the committee. Innisfil is also embracing more efficient ways of maintaining the town’s naturesque landscape by planting more water efficient gardens using drought resistant plants, as well as offering water efficient gardening workshops. On April 1st 2017, the ideaLAB & Library on Innisfil Beach Road will be hosting ‘Innisfil Seedy Saturday,’ a community seed swap featuring sellers, local landscaping and gardening businesses, as well as demonstrations and children’s activities.

Not only is Innisfil proactively conserving water, the town is also embracing energy efficient technologies. In late 2014, the Town of Innisfil began to replace all 2,814 streetlights to energy efficient LED bulbs, a move that Innisfil’s infrastructure director, Andy Campbell, predicted would decrease the town’s electricity consumption by 70%, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and allowing for better quality natural light and visibility for residents driving at night. It also means Innisfil’s taxpayers save more money.

If you’re looking to relocate to a community that achieves satisfaction from participating in local initiatives that optimize the surrounding environment, then you’ll find Innisfil’s Belle Aire Shores community of 36′, 42′ and 50′ detached homes the ideal haven for such enthusiasm.


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