Innisfil’s Mayor Celebrates the Groundbreaking of Belle Aire Shores!


Belle Aire Shores has had a phenomenally positive impact on the Town of Innisfil and it’s thriving development. Last week Innisfil’s Mayor, Gord Wauchope, and the presidents of Fernbrook Homes, Pristine Homes, and Zancor Homes, gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of Belle Aire Shores and the community’s growing momentum. Belle Aire Shores’ reputable builders are renowned for their decades of experience building developments in the GTA surrounded by functional natural landscapes that are built with the utmost quality while reflecting the busy lifestyles of today’s home buyers. Belle Aire Shores neighbours numerous schools and daycare centres, banks, supermarkets, various family amenities, modern recreational facilities and sports fields. A 2015 consensus also reported that Barrie’s Metropolitan Area, which includes the Town of Innisfil, has one of the lowest crime rates spanning across Canada, making it an ideal environment for young growing families. Belle Aire Shores’ accessibility, existing framework and inviting surroundings are all testament to why Phase 1 sold out during its weekend debut in May 2016, and why Phase 2 sold out just as quickly in it’s opening weekend in September 2016.

Potential buyers are also attracted to Innisfil’s Belle Aire Shores community because of its easy access to Highway 400 and GO Transit. During the celebration, Innisfil’s mayor noted that “without Belle Aire Shores being here, the GO Train would have been a lot longer coming than it is,” proof of the community’s imprint and promising future. Innisfil’s public transit also includes a recent collaboration with Uber, making Innisfil the first Township to incorporate the transportation network company which will allow passengers to pay a small fee per trip, rather than using taxpayers’ money to fund a greater and more costly transportation infrastructure. 

During the celebration, Zancor Homes’ VP of Construction, Domenic DiGenova, discussed the overwhelming interest in Belle Aire Shores, as prospective buyers from distant, as well as surrounding municipalities, travel to Innisfil with enthusiasm to discover Belle Aire Shores’ great potential, as well as what the thriving Town of Innisfil has to offer. 

Phase 3 of Belle Aire Shores will feature 36’, 42’, and 50’ detached homes that are much more affordable than those in the GTA, and are scheduled to be released this fall! Belle Aire Shores’ well-regulated sales office has all appointments managed by an organized database. This means prospective buyers won’t need to line up outside the office for hours to get an opportunity to purchase from Phase 3’s much anticipated release.

This growing community and it’s plans for the near future all contribute to the Town’s potential, appeal and pronounced value, making it one of the most recently sought after areas to live.