Innisfil’s Charm and Community Culture Attracts New Buyers


Innisfil is a strong and thriving, family-friendly community that takes pride in honouring the town’s rich history, which involves century-old tales of migration and decades of tradition. Belle Aire Shores’ beautifully-designed 36′, 42′ and 50′ detached homes reside in the heart of this proud town and its surrounding historical landmarks, community services and recreational activities, all playing vital roles in establishing the community’s cooperative spirit.

The historically rural, western shore town was settled by founding Canadian families who were hard working and maintained Irish, British, Dutch and Scottish roots. To this day, the spirit of Innisfil resides in the inhabitants’ pride in tradition, family values and strong work ethic.

Centuries ago, young families moved to Innisfil in search of a better life and to contribute to the growing workforce. It was, and still is, a family-oriented town comprised of hard working men and women who greatly respect their properties and community, and are passionate in celebrating Innisfil’s heritage, as well as engaging in local efforts to serve its devoted residents.

Belle Aire Shores’ conveniently-located Innisfil homes offer everything an avid new home owner, young family, or retiree seeks in a property and neighbourhood. This waterfront community offers the recreation and amenities equal to those offered in larger surrounding towns, while staying true to its culture and proud residents. The town offers ample transport routes and options for those commuting to work, alongside various ways residents can contribute to the community’s local development opportunities and outreach efforts. All this while set in a naturesque area that offers seasonal activities (including skiing, snowboarding, scenic trails, hikes and more) for families to maintain active lifestyles and enjoy what the natural landscape has to offer.

The residents of Innisfil take a lot of pride in supporting their Arts and Culture Committee, which helps commemorate and celebrate Innisfil’s history with creative cultural events that showcase talented local artists in drama, music, visual arts and more. Annual drives and auctions raise funds that are recycled back into the community to improve its available amenities and services. The 2016 Spirit of the Community Dinner & Auction raised funds for the Innisfil Community Grant Program, while the annual holiday ‘Scrooge The Ticket’ initiative allows residents with outstanding parking tickets to pay with perishable goods, toys and gift cards to help the local Community Church’s Christmas Outreach Program. These community efforts simply wouldn’t be found in the GTA’s crowded suburbs.

The town also hosts monthly heritage committee meetings and a weekly seasonal farmers market to support local farming families and agriculture, giving residents an opportunity to purchase locally grown foods that are healthy for their families. The market also showcases hand-crafted items alongside local musicians, kids’ games and crafts—great for bringing families and the community together to interact and support the various hardworking, local businesses.

For business owners, or those looking to venture into entrepreneurship, Innisfil’s Business initiative works hard to provide residents with remarkable business development services and opportunities, allowing for an environment that encourages local businesses to thrive and prosper. Business owners also have access to entrepreneurial tools, and various grant opportunities to support their successful ventures. Belle Aire Shores’ family-friendly neighbourhood is centrally-located, allowing easy access to all the services, culture and community-oriented events Innisfil has to offer. These 36′, 42′ and 50′ detached homes are perfect for prospective home buyers looking to move into a neighbourhood that takes pride in its community, relishes its history and classic landmarks, supports its local businesses and culture, and encourages its residents to participate in improving the town’s available services and amenities while staying true to its roots.


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