4 Essentials for a Family-Friendly Neighbourhood


Innisfil is a wonderful little town providing value to residents of all ages, but especially to young and growing families. With stunning parks and trails, great schools, favourable amenities, unique historic appeal and low, unrivalled yearly crime rates, it’s no wonder Innisfil’s Belle Aire Shores community is becoming one of today’s most sought after neighbourhoods. Ideally-located access to a multitude of desirable family-friendly amenities provides growing young families with all their fundamental needs. In this article, we’re sharing our top 4 indicators of a valuable family-friendly neighbourhood, and why Innisfil’s Belle Aire Shores homes conveniently offer all these and much more! Let’s get started.

1. Child-friendly

Your quintessential neighbourhood should have various amenities in close proximity. A quick drive through Innisfil’s community reveals sure signs of kids playing, sports fields, Innisfil’s Recreation Centre and South Community Centre (offering programs and registered seasonal classes and activities for all ages), as well as public parks, including Innisfil’s Beach Park. The nearby Centennial Park also serves as a convenient off leash dog park.

For those who love spending time with the little ones outdoors, the community boasts various walking and jogging paths within beautifully-nestled, natural landscapes. The South Innisfil Arboretum, located less than 15 minutes drive from Belle Aire Shores, also provides free daily access for families to enjoy the trails and bring the kids along for a picnic. During winter, the arboretum also allows free trail access for adventurous families who love to snowshoe!

2. Necessities and Schools

Proximity to schools and child care is important, and the length of your morning and evening commute should always play a major determining factor when choosing the appropriate neighbourhood for your family.

For parents in need of day care services, Innisfil’s Simcoe Childcare Services, YMCA Child Care St. Francis of Assisi, and YMCA Child Care Alcona Glen, are all within 1 to 2.5 kilometers of Belle Aire Shores’ charming neighbourhood, giving young parents the convenience of reliable day care within short walking distance. Innisfil’s elementary and secondary schools are all also a stone’s throw away, making planning for your children’s future education effortless.

3. Safety and Crime Rate

A neighbourhood’s safety is crucial when deciding where to settle down with young children. Innisfil’s calm resonance, close by family conveniences and lack of heavy traffic, are all qualities that attribute to the town’s safe reputation and close-knit community.

In 2014, Barrie’s metropolitan area (including Innisfil) was rated one of the top 6 safest cities according to Statistics Canada. The Innisfil Examiner also reported that “for the second year in a row…The Town of Innisfil and Springwater Township, has the lowest Crime Severity Index (CSI) rating across Canada” in 2015.

4. Small County Charm

The town of Innisfil is filled with rich history and a family-friendly, community-oriented spirit. At the heart of the town are residents who take pride in their properties and revel in Innisfil’s quirky historical landmarks. Old converted schoolhouses, historical pioneer farms, early 19th century saw mills and the 1930s Stroud (previously known as Chantler’s General Store), combined with naturesque trails and beachfronts provide young families with the appeal and humble qualities they look for in a neighbourhood.

We are positive you will not regret your decision to invest in one of Belle Aire Shores’ beautifully-designed 36′, 42′ and 50′ detached homes. This growing neighbourhood and its proud inhabitants all contribute to the town’s increasing likability and strong value, making it one of the most recently sought after areas to invest in and raise a family.


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