Innisfil Supports the Arts, Creativity and Technology


Without a doubt, Innisfil is an up-and-coming area. Fernbrook Homes, Pristine Homes, and Zancor Homes have recognized the great potential of the village-like communities nestled along the edge of Lake Simcoe, and Belle Aire Shores is your chance to be a part of it all.

Master-planned housing isn’t the only important aspect of building a smart, cohesive community. The public sector and residents need to show a desire for growth, exploration and creativity, and we’re seeing evidence of this at the Innisfil Public Library.

The Innisfil Public Library has numerous events, workshops, and seminars to support and promote the nurturing of creative minds throughout the town. We want to share three of them with you:

1) Evening Writers’ Group

This club is a members-led group that focuses on perfecting the craft of writing. If you’re an aspiring author, poet, or short story writer, there’s a place for you in this club!

The Evening Writers’ Group meets every month on the third Tuesday at the Lakeshore branch, starting at 7:00 pm. You must register beforehand to participate.  

2) InnisFilm Project

There are so many important roles when it comes to creating the perfect film, whether it’s directing, screenwriting, lighting, costume design, scoring, makeup, cinematography, or acting. The InnisFilm Project aims to bring these people together to come up with fun and interesting projects to work on.

The brainstorming sessions take place on the last Friday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Lakeshore branch. It’s completely free and you just have to drop in!

3) Appy Hour

This workshop focuses on getting you acquainted with new technology, specifically apps for your smart devices. Whether you’re new to your iPhone or you’re an expert in the field with advice to offer, this group is for you. The more people understand how to use the technology available to them, the more efficient the community can become.

This is a free drop-in workshop that takes place every Wednesday starting at 12:30 pm, also at the Lakeshore branch.

This is just three of the group sessions offered at the Innisfil Public Library, and the Lakeshore Branch is only a five minute drive from Belle Aire Shores!

If you are interested in receiving updates and priority invites for Belle Aire Shores, you can register here!