Buy New and Lock In Your Guaranteed 2017 Rate at The Highlands of Millbrook

There are many reasons to choose to buy a new home.  You might like the vast array of options for design, colours and upgrades, or you might like the opportunity to hand pick your favourite lot. Sometimes, it’s the location you fall for, maybe a preference for a certain school district.

Whatever your reasons, don’t forget the very practical reason, that buying a home from a builder is a great opportunity to secure your investment for the future.  First of all, once your down payment is secured, your home will typically not close for 18-24 months. This gives you plenty of time to save money for closing, and the home’s value increases before you even take possession.

With a lot of varying opinions on the future of interest rates in the marketplace today, it is important to know that there are options that will protect your investment at the time of sale through to the day you close.

The builders at The Highlands of Millbrook, Bromont Homes and Pristine Homes, have also secured an amazing rate from their preferred lender, CIBC.  Rates fluctuate regularly, but you can lock in your rate at the time of purchase for 2 years.  If it goes up, you’re protected as your rate is guaranteed, and even better, if it goes down, you’ll receive the lower rate.

“Buying a home is both an exciting and stressful time, with CIBC’s 24 month cap rate buying at The Highlands of Millbrook makes the process enjoyable. You will not need to worry about rising interest rates as you can lock in today for your future closing.” – Shannon McCain, CIBC Mortgage Advisor.

The worry of being re-approved and subject to new rules are taken out of the equation when locking in with Shannon at CIBC. With her helpful advice and pre-approval, you’ll feel great about your decision to invest in your future at The Highlands of Millbrook. Click here to connect with Shannon and learn how this unique opportunity can make the decision to secure your home in 2017 an easy one!

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