407 Brings Convenience, Investment Opportunity to The Highlands of Millbrook!

Highway 407

Recently, the population of Southern Ontario has seen a shift in its concentration. People who once lived within the communities and surrounding suburbs of the GTA are expanding their search areas looking to move further east for new homes in Durham or north for a better quality of life and greater affordability.

As populations have shifted, infrastructure has increased as well, offering better options for travel. The Highlands of Millbrook is no exception. Phase 1 of the 407 extension is now complete, and Phase 2a to Taunton Rd is scheduled to be open by the end of 2017.

Phase 2b is planned to be complete by 2020, extending all the way to HWY 115. The new 407 extension features six-lanes up to Highway 412 & four lanes from Taunton Road/Highway 418 to Highway 35/115. With the ability to travel easily across the Durham Region and into the GTA, local residents will benefit from further area growth and development.

The 407 offers a smooth, carefree drive westward that’s faster and more enjoyable than the 401. There are also two new major arteries that will connect the 407 to the 401, Highway 412 in Whitby and Highway 418 through Courtice. This will give you flexibility for the amount of the 407 you wish to utilize before connecting to the 401 or otherwise!

The builders of the 407 have taken great care to minimize environmental impact, with more than 147 hectares of restoration taking place. Not only will this be a positive for those who live in the area, the convenient access to Durham Region and the GTA will help attract greater investment in surrounding cities and communities.

This highway infrastructure directly impacts your personal investment in a new home at Highlands of Millbrook, making the area attractive to business and offering you a convenient alternative for transportation.

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